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RealPacketDataMembers Class Reference
[Network Data Structures]

#include <Packet.h>

Inheritance diagram for RealPacketDataMembers:

PacketDataMembers List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 RealPacketDataMembers (const Timeval &ts, int pktLen, int capLen, const u_char *data)

Protected Attributes

bool ghost


class Packet

Detailed Description

RealPacketDataMembers contains the actual data fields of a packet class; they have been extracted into a seperate class in order to support the 'ghosting' of packets.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RealPacketDataMembers::RealPacketDataMembers const Timeval ts,
int  pktLen,
int  capLen,
const u_char *  data

construct a RealPacketDataMembers object out of the provided information

ts Timestamp of the packet
pktLen Length of the packet on the wire
capLen Number of bytes of the packet that were captured
data Packet data - assumed to be capLen bytes long

Member Data Documentation

bool PacketDataMembers::ghost [protected, inherited]

'this' is a GhostPacketDataMembers if true, a RealPacketDataMembers if false

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