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StreamEvent Class Reference

Class to communicate events to a StreamListener. More...

#include <StreamListener.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StreamEvent (uint32_t eventCode, Aggregate *streamConcerned=NULL)
 StreamEvent (const StreamEvent &toCopy)
StreamEventoperator= (const StreamEvent &rhs)
uint32_t getEvent (void) const
 get the event code
AggregategetStream (void) const
bool operator== (const StreamEvent &e)
bool match (const StreamEvent &e)
 match the given event to this one, treating this event as a filter

Static Public Attributes

static const uint32_t STREAM_OK = 0
static const uint32_t STREAM_CREATE = 1
static const uint32_t STREAM_ACTIVE = 2
static const uint32_t STREAM_EXPIRING = 4
static const uint32_t STREAM_EXPIRE = 8
static const uint32_t STREAM_ERASING = 16
static const uint32_t STREAM_ERASE = 32
static const uint32_t STREAM_ERROR = 64

Protected Attributes

uint32_t event

Detailed Description

Class to communicate events to a StreamListener.

Member Data Documentation

const uint32_t StreamEvent::STREAM_ACTIVE = 2 [static]

make stream active / stream made active

const uint32_t StreamEvent::STREAM_CREATE = 1 [static]

NA / stream created

const uint32_t StreamEvent::STREAM_ERASE = 32 [static]

erase stream / stream erased


const uint32_t StreamEvent::STREAM_ERASING = 16 [static]

NA / stream about to be erased

const uint32_t StreamEvent::STREAM_ERROR = 64 [static]

report an error / error occurred with stream

const uint32_t StreamEvent::STREAM_EXPIRE = 8 [static]

expire stream / stream expired

const uint32_t StreamEvent::STREAM_EXPIRING = 4 [static]

NA / stream about to expire


const uint32_t StreamEvent::STREAM_OK = 0 [static]

no action / NA


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