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StreamListener Class Reference

#include <StreamListener.h>

Inheritance diagram for StreamListener:

FilteredStreamListener List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual uint32_t handleStreamEvent (const StreamEvent &e)=0
 method to handle events

Detailed Description

StreamListeners are tied to a Decomposition to be notified when a stream opens, closes, or is deleted

Member Function Documentation

virtual uint32_t StreamListener::handleStreamEvent const StreamEvent e  )  [pure virtual]

method to handle events

code indicating what should be done with the stream: StreamEvent::STREAM_OK - no change to status StreamEvent::STREAM_ACTIVE - keep the stream active StreamEvent::STREAM_EXPIRE - expire the stream StreamEvent::STREAM_ERASE - delete the stream StreamEvent::STREAM_ERROR - complain and delete the stream
any change in status will generate a new event, so if a handler handles a stream expiry event and returns STREAM_EXPIRE, no new event will be generated. However, if it handles a stream active event and returns a STREAM_EXPIRE, the stream will be expired and a new stream expiry event will be generated. Note that this means we'll have to worry about loops.

Implemented in FilteredStreamListener.

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