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IPv4Addr Class Reference

#include <IPv4Packet.h>

Inheritance diagram for IPv4Addr:

IPAddr List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 IPv4Addr (const IPv4Addr &rhs)
 IPv4Addr (const char *addrStr) throw ( StringFormatException )
 IPv4Addr (const std::string &addrStr) throw ( StringFormatException )
 IPv4Addr (uint32_t addr, uint8_t m=32)
const IPv4Addroperator= (const IPv4Addr &rhs)
const IPv4Addroperator= (uint32_t rhs)
bool operator== (const IPv4Addr &rhs) const
 Compare two IPv4 addresses.
bool operator< (const IPv4Addr &rhs) const
bool contains (const IPv4Addr &rhs) const
 Check if an IPv4 subnet address contains a subnet or host.
std::string toString (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static IPv4Addr parse (const std::string &addrStr) throw ( StringFormatException )


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const IPv4Addr &)

Detailed Description

Internet Protocol version 4 address

Member Function Documentation

bool IPv4Addr::operator== const IPv4Addr rhs  )  const

Compare two IPv4 addresses.

Subnets are considered to be less than any of their contained addresses; to compare ranges, use contains().

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