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ANTARES Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AggregateBase class for aggregates of packets; main subclass is Trace
AlarmEventElement wrapping an Alarm for an AlarmQueue
AlarmListener"interface" defining an object that can be polled by a clock
ArithmeticAttribute< lType, rType, resType >Attribute to compute an arithmetic function involving other attributes and/or constant values
ArithmeticExceptionException resulting from arithmetic operations
ArithmeticOverflowExceptionException resulting from arithmetic operations
ArithmeticUnderflowExceptionException resulting from arithmetic operations
ArrayAttribute< T >Attribute that is an array (ordered list possibly with duplication) of other values
AttributeBase class for representing data attributes of packet aggregates
AttributeFunctionA function used in the computation of an attribute value
ByteCountAttributeSpecialized attribute; wraps a call to count the number of packets in an aggregate
CHDLCPacketObject representing an Cisco HDLC datagram
ClockA clock allows us to compute time-based metrics by generating events at pre-set time intervals wrt the trace being generated
ClockListener"interface" defining an object that can be polled by a clock
ConcretePacketAttributeValue< T >A set of templated attribute value types
ConsecutivePacketFilterMatches a packet if the packet is the next packet in its trace to the previous packet seen by this filter
ConversationTrackerAttributeClass for tracking and computing statistics about conversations
DecompositionClass encapsulating the breakdown of a Trace into substreams according to some criteria
DuplicateElementExceptionAttempt to add an element to a data structure which already contains an effectively identical one
DurationAttributeAttribute to measure the duration of an agggregate in seconds
ElementNotFoundExceptionUnable to find a requested element in a data structure
EthernetPacketObject representing an Ethernet datagram
FilteredPacketListenerPacketListener that checks the packet against a filter before passing it along to the listening object
FilteredStreamListenerClass to deal with stream events
FullIPv4SessionKeySession key that includes both IPv4 and transport layer addresses
GhostPacketDataMembersData members for ghost packets
Histogram< T >Class for creating a histogram summarizing a data set
HistogramAttribute< T >Attribute that is a histogram
HistogramBin< T >
IndexOutOfBoundsExceptionException indicating that someone tried to access something at an index that is beyond the bounds of the container; e.g. trying to access packet 1025 in a Trace with 2 packets
InfiniteHistogramBin< T >Histogram bin that is infinite in either the +ve or -ve direction
InsufficientDataExceptionIndicates that a packet was too short for some operation (e.g. access of a field beyond the end of the packet)
InvalidAggregateTypeExceptionException resulting from the attempt to use a particular Aggregate subtype in an invalid context
IPv4DemuxDemultiplex a stream of IPv4 packets by src addr, dest addr, and IP next protocol
IPv4FiltersCollection of PacketFilters for IPv4 packets
IPv4KeyStreamKey used to decompose an Aggregate by host pair
IPv4PacketObject representing an IPv4 datagram
IPv4SessionizerTake a demuxed stream of IPv4Packets and sessionize them
ListenerConflictExceptionException resulting from event listeners disagreeing about a follow-on action to an event
LLCPacketObject representing an LLC datagram
MemoryAttribute< T >Attribute for remembering values of other Attributes or PacketAttributes
NotResettableExceptionException resulting from attempting to reset an attribute that can't be reset as expected
NullKeyDummy key indicating no key is being used
NullPacketObject representing an null datagram
PacketA datagram of some sort
PacketAttributeAn attribute of a packet; the available attributes depends on the type of the packet
PacketAttributeValueClass containing a value for a PacketAttribute
PacketCountAttributeSpecialized attribute; wraps a call to count the number of packets in an aggregate
PacketDataMembersAn abstract base class to support the mechanisms designed to handle ghost packets
PacketDrivenMemoryAttribute< T >MemoryAttribute for remembering values from packets
PacketListenerInterface for objects that want to be notified when a new packet is added to an Aggregate
PcapFilePositionWrapper for pcap_position_t from modified libpcap
ProtocolParserEncapsulates the processing of a packet stream to create another packet stream
SampledMemoryAttribute< T >MemoryAttribute for remembering values of other attributes of the parent aggregate
ScalarAttribute< T >A calculation or observation that resolves to a single value
SessionKeyStreamKey used to decompose an Aggregate by transport-layer session
SetAttributeAn attribute that is a set (unordered list without duplication) of other values
SingleOutputParserProtocolParser that outputs to a Trace - i.e. single stream of packets
StaticScalarAttribute< T >Cute li'l wrapper to make it easier for Attributes to support subattributes
StreamedOutputParserProtocolParser that outputs to a Decomposition - i.e. multiple streams of packets
StreamedTCPParserTake a demuxed stream of IPv4Packets and sessionize them
StreamedUDPParserTake a demuxed stream of IPv4Packets and sessionize them
StreamEventClass to communicate events to a StreamListener
StreamKeySuperclass for classes used to distinguish between streams in a Decomposition
StreamKeyWrapperHack to let me use an STL map for Decomposition
StringFormatExceptionIndicates an error that occurred while parsing a string expected to be in a particular format
SumAttribute< T >Computes a summary of the specified property
TCPFiltersCollection of PacketFilters for TCP packets
TCPPacketObject representing a TCP datagram
TraceAggregate containing a packet trace
TraceIteratorIterator for Trace
TransportKeyStreamKey used to decompose an Aggregate by host pair and transport protocol
UDPPacketObject representing a UDP datagram
UnseatedPacketUseExceptionException indicating the inappropriate use of a packet which is not properly seated
ValueOutOfRangeExceptionException raised by attempting to add a value to a bin whose range does not contain it

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