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GhostPacketDataMembers Class Reference
[Network Data Structures]

Data members for ghost packets. More...

#include <Packet.h>

Inheritance diagram for GhostPacketDataMembers:

PacketDataMembers List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 GhostPacketDataMembers (const TraceIterator &p, const TraceIterator &r)

Protected Attributes

bool ghost


class Packet

Detailed Description

Data members for ghost packets.

This should just contain references to other packets.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GhostPacketDataMembers::GhostPacketDataMembers const TraceIterator p,
const TraceIterator r

Construct a GhostPacketDataMembers object

p parent; the packet, ghost or real, from which this one was created
r real packet from which this one was created - used as a shortcut to avoid having to trace back through long chains of ghost packets

Member Data Documentation

bool PacketDataMembers::ghost [protected, inherited]

'this' is a GhostPacketDataMembers if true, a RealPacketDataMembers if false

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