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SingleOutputParser Class Reference

ProtocolParser that outputs to a Trace - i.e. single stream of packets. More...

#include <ProtocolParser.h>

Inheritance diagram for SingleOutputParser:

ProtocolParser FilteredPacketListener PacketListener SimpleTCPParser List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 SingleOutputParser (Trace &out)
 SingleOutputParser (const PacketFilter &filter, Trace &out)
virtual void handlePassedPacket (TraceIterator &newPkt)=0
virtual void handlePacket (TraceIterator &newPkt)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

ProtocolParser that outputs to a Trace - i.e. single stream of packets.

This could probably be replaced by making ProtocolParser a template class and then typedef ProtocolParser<Trace> SingleOutputParser; typedef ProtocolParser<Decomposition> StreamedOutputParser; but I'm not really keen to do much more playing around with templates right now.

Member Function Documentation

void FilteredPacketListener::handlePacket TraceIterator newPkt  )  [virtual, inherited]

checks the packet against the filter and calls handlePassedPacket if it passes or if the filter is NULL

Implements PacketListener.

virtual void SingleOutputParser::handlePassedPacket TraceIterator newPkt  )  [pure virtual]

send a packet to the parser to be processed

Implements ProtocolParser.

Implemented in SimpleTCPParser.

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