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IPv4Demux Class Reference

demultiplex a stream of IPv4 packets by src addr, dest addr, and IP next protocol. More...

#include <IPv4Demux.h>

Inheritance diagram for IPv4Demux:

StreamedOutputParser ProtocolParser FilteredPacketListener PacketListener List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 IPv4Demux (Decomposition &out, Trace *streamTempl=NULL)
 IPv4Demux (Decomposition &out, Trace *streamTempl, bool bidir)
virtual void handlePassedPacket (TraceIterator &newPkt)
virtual void handlePacket (TraceIterator &newPkt)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

demultiplex a stream of IPv4 packets by src addr, dest addr, and IP next protocol.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IPv4Demux::IPv4Demux Decomposition out,
Trace streamTempl = NULL

Create a new bidirectional IPv4 demuxer

IPv4Demux::IPv4Demux Decomposition out,
Trace streamTempl,
bool  bidir

Create a new IPv4 demuxer

out destination decomposition
bidir indicate whether both sides of a host link should be combined

Member Function Documentation

void FilteredPacketListener::handlePacket TraceIterator newPkt  )  [virtual, inherited]

checks the packet against the filter and calls handlePassedPacket if it passes or if the filter is NULL

Implements PacketListener.

void IPv4Demux::handlePassedPacket TraceIterator newPkt  )  [virtual]

Take an IPv4Packet and add it to the appropriate stream in the output

the implicit filter on 'ipv4' should ensure that only IPv4Packets get into this method.

Implements StreamedOutputParser.

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